About Us

Started in late 1989 with the name Mehmet Akif Ersoy, and formally established in October 1990 with the current name, PH “Logos-A”, rightly considers to be pioneer of independent publishing in the former Yugoslavia and in the new Macedonia. Although initially established with lots of difficulties, after 20 years of fruitful work, has managed to bring to light over 500 titles (approximately 3,000,000 copies) in different fields of knowledge.

From these, over 250 titles are translated from Turkish, English, French, Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian, Arabic and Macedonian, whereas around 250 other titles are original works. PH “Logos-A” is the first private Albanian publishing house in the former Yugoslav territories that managed to provide books and other reading materials to students without any ideological background. In addition to these publications that become already very common, PH Logos-A also has accomplished other even bigger publishing projects:

-  The first project is related to the publishing of eight university titles both in Albanian and Macedonian language (a total of 16 titles), translated from French that were completed during 2004/06;

-  The second project is the publication of the Sami Frashëri’s set of twenty volumes, first such voluminous publication dedicated to an author throughout the Albanian cultural space. This set was published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of author’s death (2004) and is unique of its kind in this cultural space. 

- The third project of this character, realized on the occasion of 50th anniversary of the death of the author (2006), was the publication of the set of Hafiz Ali Korça’s work in 12 volumes. 

In addition, in 2008, a set of ten-volumes representing Turkish culture was published in Albanian language; in 2009 two other sets of books were published:  complete set of 8-volumes of  Imam Vehbi Ismaili’s work and the complete original work of Nexhat Ibrahimi in 10 volumes. The tradition of  sets continued also in 2010 when the greatest mystical work “Mesnevi” was published in Albania language, to be followed by the publishing of 3 volumes of the Turkish history in the Balkans: “Balkan Türklüğü”, of the author  Jusuf Hamzaoğlu. Following the same stream, publication of the set of Alija Izetbegovic is underway. 

In the field of presentations, Logos-A, so far , has organized over 50 promotions of books in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania and regularly takes part in national fairs, in the Balkans, but also in international fairs such as Istanbul, Frankfurt, Bologna , London, Geneva, Cairo, Sofia, from where often returned with prizes and recognitions.

P.H. “Logos-A” functions with its several branches, within the  country being the ones in Tetovo, Gostivar, Kumanovo and Struga, while those outside our state are in Pristina, Tirana, Istanbul and Dusseldorf . The Publishing Board and the Editorial Board of Logos A, undertook the initiative to do thematic systematization of libraries. This was mainly for quality purposes due to the increased number of new titles. As a result of this systematization, our publishing house has the following libraries: Lexo (Read), Divan, University text books, School texts books, Filizat (Seedlings), Fjala (The Word), Mendimi Islam (Islamic Thought), Elif, Biblioteka e xhepit (Pocket books) and Special editions.

During these years, besides the publishing activities, Logos-A started becoming recognized also as the biggest donor of books, not only to individuals and libraries, but also to schools and faculties. This was primarily done thanks to the cooperation with the Turkish Agency for International Cooperation (TIKA). Thanks to this activity, schools in Albanian language received for the first time, under the Logos A  insignia, books which will represent for a long time great value many students and teachers. 

Logos A also hosted scientific conferences: the first one was the symposium that took place in Skopje, September 2000, titled: “Dialog between civilizations”; and the second was the international conference in the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of Sami Frashëri that took place also in Skopje, November 2004. 

Logos A, has partners and friends throughout the Albanian territories, in the Balkans and internationally. It has cooperated and continues to cooperate with number of national and international institutions on both governmental and nongovernmental level. 

Regardless of the numerous publishing, scientific and cultural activities, Logos A still considers that there are a lot of things which need to be done. This way, Logos A will strengthen even more so in the future will serve the purpose of illuminating the human, regardless of his color, nationality or religion.